My Gear

I’ve been asked on more than a couple occasions what equipment I cook with. So this is an attempt at an ever changing list of the grilling paraphernalia that I use on a regular basis. By all means, if you’re going to buy any of this stuff, feel free to use the links below. I don’t know what Amazon will actually give me, but, allegedly, it’s something, maybe?

I do most of my shopping at when I can. But I also shop at some local shops. Mostly for charcoal and meat, but also for official BGE Eggcessories that are only available at authorized distributors. I’m not affiliated with any of these local shops, but if you’re local, they’re worth a visit.

Of increasing importance on a food blog, I have had to become a little bit of an hobbyist photographer. This means taking lots of shots when I’m cooking for a blog post. It also means constant work updating photos as my equipment progresses and I get better with both executing the recipes and documenting the results.

  • As of April 2016, my primary camera is a Fuji X-T1. It’s about as close to a DSLR format as you can get on a mirrorless platform. Crop sensor, realtime electronic viewfinder, shoots RAW.
  • For food shots, I use either the Fuji XF 18-135 lens (24-206 equivalent) or the XF 35 f/2 (50 equivalent) prime. mostly depending on available light. Both lenses are weather resistant (WR). The 18-135 lens also offers Image Stablization (OIS).
  • When I’m not shooting the X-T1, I still love my Fuji X100. Like the X-T1, it can shoot RAW, but it carries more like a point and shoot. It has a fixed 23 mm (35mm equivalent) lens and, while it may focus a little slower than the X-T1, the glass is as fast, at f/2 as the 35mm prime on the X-T1.
  • Always use protection. Since I don’t need low profile filters, Tiffen UV and circular polarizing filters protect my glass and help me take better photos.
  • If, for whatever reason, I’m out and about without a camera, my Apple iPhone 6 will still do in a pinch.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Express and Lightroom for manipulating images.

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