Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Since our host hasn’t posted any of his delicious projects in awhile, I volunteered to step in with a smoky treat of my own concoction.

The summer heat arrived in AL a bit late this year but it has arrived and I have just the thing to combat it.  A fine sheen of sweat on your forehead provides a cooling effect and this recipe is guaranteed to soak the brow of even the hardiest of spicy food lovers.  To achieve this I grow my own peppers to create a viciously hot chipotle powder.  The typical store bought chipotle is still the red color of the jalapenos and has a slight smoky flavor.  Good chipotle is dark brown and will suffuse the dish with fire and smoke.

Start with a carefully hand picked selection of the finest home grown Jalapenos and Habaneros.  This can only be done late in the season when the jalapenos have turned dark red.  If you want to separate the hottest peppers for a more potent powder then select only the peppers with the most brown stretch marks.


At this point it is very important to wear rubber gloves and DO NOT touch your face!  Cut the stems off the peppers, then split them lengthwise. If you want to tame the heat some you can use a spoon to scoop out the seeds, but as you can see I have left them in.  I use pizza pans with air holes to improve the dehydration, otherwise they tend to stay soft on the bottom.


One of my goals in this cook was to see how long a Big Steel Keg could run on a single load of lump without being opened.  With the help of a BBQ Stoker I achieved a 54 hour cook time before the fire finally died out.  Normally I would post a graph of the cook, but it turns out StokerLog can’t handle a two day cook session without crashing.

A spice grinder can be hard to come by so I used this mini coffee grinder instead.


Please note the vitally important face mask.  Without that you’ll be replacing your pillow cases after a few nocturnal nose bleeds and I speak from experience on this.  Also make sure that anyone else in the house, including pets, is banned from the room during and for at least a couple of hours after the grinding.

Finally, here’s the end result of my efforts.  These three bottles contain blends of the two peppers to achieve heats of Fire, Plasma, and What the @%#! was I thinking (earned it’s name after the first taste test).


One thought on “Heat Wave

  1. I know. I know. I need to get around to posting my ribs cook. More for the pictures than anything since basically everyone is already aware of the 3-2-1 method for ribs.

    I do have two sorta big cooks coming up though.
    The first is an 8.4 lb Boston Butt this weekend.
    The second is a direct head to head with Shula’s Steakhouse. I picked up some USDA Prime Ribeyes and am mentally preparing to see if I can replicate their steak at the house.

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