You want me to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?! Part 2

You want me to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?! Part 2

Game on.

So, after last night, I’ve updated the blog with my progress. At this point, the turkey has been brining for about 20 hours or so. The grill has been cleaned out and is ready to light. And I picked up a Big Green Egg V-Rack.

Tonight, we’re going to cover:

1. Review of setting up the Big Green Egg for indirect heat (mostly because I’ll actually be lighting it this time and there are more photos to add).
2. Cooking the crash test turkey. And some more pictures.
3. Initial impressions once we have a chance to taste some turkey tonight. Also some notes about how things went and what I’ll do differently on Thursday.

Given the flurry of activity on the blog, I’ve had to promise to save some white meat for a buddy of mine. Another friend has asked if I’ll smoke her a turkey between now and Thursday. Also, my coworkers are going to give some feedback tomorrow. One of my coworkers even asked me to bring white bread and mayo.

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