You want me to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?! Part 1

I’m going to try something new this week. Think of this like a live foodblog event. And round 1 begins tonight.

Last week, my wife realized we could simplify Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family if, instead of using the oven for the turkey, I could cook a bird on the Big Green Egg. So, we talked about who all is coming for dinner and then went back and forth on whether we should do a couple of turkey breasts or a whole turkey. Since we’re feeding 10+, we decided to go with a smallish whole turkey, about 13 lbs. But since I’ve never cooked a turkey at all, we picked up a 10 lb bird too. For practice. The 10 lb turkey has been thawing in the refrigerator for about 70 hours and the action is about to get started.

Tonight, I’m tackling a few things.

1. Clean out the grill. Take pictures.
2. Setup the Egg for indirect cooking.
3. Select a recipe.
4. Brine the turkey. Take some more pictures.

The practice cook will happen tomorrow night. And we’ll eat some and I’ll take a some samples to my office on Tuesday to get some coworker feedback.

Oh yeah.. Roll Tide!!

So you want me to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?! Part 2

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