Perdomo Champagne Noir – Cigar review

Perdomo Champagne Noir – Cigar review

Picked up a Perdomo Champagne Noir Robusto to smoke while I waited on the Boston Butt I smoked for the Alabama v. Arkansas game that I watched at home. Excellent stick. Picked it up at a local shop for $6.

This is my first cigar review, period. I’ve read plenty of them, so maybe I’ll work out a framework that works for me.

The Champagne Noir falls into the medium to full bodied spectrum of handmade cigars. It also falls into the lowest price point where I typically smoke. I tend to be able to find cigars I like at about $5, about $10 and special treats at $15 or more. I’ve smoked $40 cigars too. They were good, but I’m not sure that there’s enough of a difference between the $15-20 range and $40 for me to justify them on any more than an occasional basis. This isn’t my first Champagne Noir. It won’t be my last.

This was a Robusto cigar at a 5″ x 54 ring gauge. The cigar is made entirely from Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper is a Habano Maduro. The binder and filler are also from Nicaragua. The cigar was wrapped in cellophane. After removing the cigar from the cellophane, I immediately noticed the construction was very good. The cigar was tightly wrapped and consistently firm to the touch. The wrapper was veiny but not oily.

Prior to lighting the cigar, I noted smells of cocoa and some floral notes. I used my Xikar VX cutter to clip the cap. The pre light draw was smooth. And after toasting the foot of the cigar with my torch lighter, I was greeted with a slightly sweet first draw. Definitely heavy notes of cocoa on this cigar.

The burn was also very even. If you look at the slideshow below, I did get one good ash column out of it before it broke off. The cigar didn’t burn unnecessarily hot, nor did it require maintenance re-lights. Start to finish the cigar took me just shy of an hour and a half watching the early SEC game.

Bottom line is that Perdomo has a great budget stick on their hands. This smokes better than a $6 cigar. I’ll keep smoking these. And I might even continue to let the wife take a draw from time to time. I tend to like cigars that are more full bodied than this. But this is just right for someone who likes light to medium bodied cigars looking to get into something with a little more oomph.


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