Firewire Grilling Skewers

Firewire Grilling Skewers

Allow me to start by telling you that, by 2012, the technology in skewers should be top notch and beyond improvement. These Firewire Grilling Skewers represent that penultimate achievement. With that said, I’ll try and give these a fair review.

I’m going to make a handful of assumptions. At least one of these probably applies to you.

1. You like to grill out and have a pretty good foundation regarding how to put grill marks on meat and vegetables.
2. You like kabobs.
3. You have have or have had a problem with one or more of the following:

a. burned yourself on old metal skewers
b. burned up cheap wooden skewers
c. freezer burned a kabob because the skewer broke through the freezer bag
d. can’t close your grill because your skewers are too long, etc.

If these describe you, please continue reading.


1. It holds a LOT of food. A single skewer holds two full, marinated kabobs from Whole Foods with room to spare. I could probably cook 10 to 12 kabobs worth of food on a set of 4.
2. The tip of the skewer is rigid, but not sharp. Which means, you can use it to poke through the food, but it won’t poke through the freezer bag. No leaks. No freezer burn.

3. They’re flexible. So you’re not limited to having your grilled items in a straight line. In practice, this means lots more food over the same fire.
4. You can leave the ends outside of the grill. Leaving the ends cool enough to handle.

5. The parts of the wire inside the grill don’t burn up.
6. They’re dishwasher safe. C’mon, half the reason you’re cooking outside is because you don’t want to clean the kitchen.


1. Prime Shipping took two days.
2. I didn’t find them sooner.

These are amazing. If you don’t own them, you should. =)

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